Name: Baylee Huff

Degree: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


From landing her dream internship to studying abroad in Europe, Baylee Huff has pursued endless possibilities with her strategic communications degree.

When choosing a major, Huff decided it was important to align her passions with her academics.

“I chose strategic communications because it related to things I was already really passionate about, like graphic design and writing,” Huff said. “The courses [the School of Media & Strategic Communications] has offered me have shown me a very clear direction of what I want to learn and put into practice.”

As Huff began to grow more interested in what she was studying, more opportunities followed. In summer 2017, Huff was able to live out two of her dreams: living in New York City and working for a magazine. She accepted a position as the graphic design intern for Cosmopolitan and spent the next three months working for the magazine in New York.

“My biggest learning experience by far was my internship with Cosmopolitan,” Huff said. “I learned so much from the hands-on projects that I was trusted with, but I also grew so much just from being on my own for the first time and getting thrown into that huge city.”

New York was not the last unfamiliar place for Huff. Shortly after returning from her internship, she was on to her next adventure. She is studying abroad in the Netherlands at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Huff will return to Stillwater in January 2018 to complete her degree and plans to continue pursuing her passions for graphic design and effectively communicating with others.

From moving to New York to studying abroad in Europe, Huff takes many a leaps of faith to shape her future. She is thankful for the skills she has developed from her experiences and education, and she encourages freshmen to step outside of their comfort zones so they can find their passions.

“I want freshmen to know that they should take as many internships and job opportunities as possible, even if some might seem a little scary,” Huff said. “Be open to being friends with everyone, volunteer to do anything and appreciate everyone you encounter.”