Name: Brady Moore

Degree: Sports Media

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019


Brady Moore took a video production course in high school because it seemed interesting. 

“I took that and just fell in love with it,” Moore said. “The second I got my hands on a camera, it just felt right.”

That love led Moore to the School of Media & Strategic Communications.

Moore has given a lot of thought to his plans post-graduation. 

“I don’t know if I have a dream job,” Moore said. “I’d love to be a videographer and editor for a professional or collegiate sports team. I really like the college realm, so I’d like to stay in college if I could.”

A feature assignment, which focused on an Oklahoma State University student and his battle with cancer, was his favorite project.

“It’s the first time in an OSU class setting that you truly get to tell [a] story,” Moore said. “I’m a sports guy. Sometimes I don’t like getting out of my comfort of the sports world, but I need to. Seeing this guy working his tail off and pulling through cancer treatments really showed me there’s more to the world than sports.”

Everyone is warned high school and college are different, and Moore can attest to that. 

“In high school, once you’re out of class, you’re really out of class,” Moore said. “Nothing is too overwhelming. You have a paper here and there but nothing as gruesome as college.”

Moore emphasized professors will encourage students to read the syllabus instead of answering questions about due dates. 

“You have to be structured,” Brady said. “I never used a planner in high school. Usually I could remember it in my head or our teachers would give us enough reminders. You get a taste of the real world in college.”

Moore suggests keeping a school planner to maintain structure for success.

“If you don’t prepare, you fail from the start,” Brady said.

He works for OSU Athletic Communications. He is the vice president of the Sports Media Club and a member of Association for Women in Sports Media..

Moore interned at The Oklahoman working in video production and worked with the Dallas Wings as a videographer for its home games.

Although he has time left at OSU, he has advice he would give his younger self.

“Have better patience,” Moore said. “Sometimes I try to rush and wouldn’t put as much thought or attention to details into things. In our industry, the difference between good and great is attention to detail. Learn to do the little things perfectly.”