Name: Austin Poll
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Media
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019


Austin Poll’s experience and knowledge of the industry grows every day, and that should make finding a job easier after graduation.

As president of the Sports Media Club, Poll is gaining experience and knowledge of the industry every day. This position has given him many job opportunities outside of Oklahoma State University.

 “I do color-commentating for Newkirk football, basketball and women’s basketball,” Poll said. “I also worked for Orange Power Studios last year, and I’m doing countdown to tip-off for O-State TV this year.”

The School of Media & Strategic Communications intrigued Poll when he was a prospective student.

“I saw that OSU had Sports Media as a degree option, and that was something that really interested me,” Poll said. “I wanted to do something like that, so that’s why I came here, for the Sports Media program.”

Like most students in sports journalism and reporting, Poll dreams of working at the professional level.

“My main goal is to be an on-air talent for a professional basketball team,” Poll said. “But I just want to be on-air commentating, or being an anchor for a show would be fine, too.”

Embracing time management, which is one of many skills he values in the workforce, is his biggest learning experience.

 “Having a really good work ethic is important,” Poll said. “It’s not always easy to get a job in this field, so you have to put forth the effort and get as much experience as you can get.”

Poll has applied for an internship this summer at The Fan, a radio station in Dallas, which reports on the Dallas Mavericks. With the reputable work and experience Poll has achieved, he is hopeful for another opportunity at this radio station.

As a senior in the fall, Poll knows how important it is to get involved as soon as possible.

“Don’t wait to get involved on campus,” Poll said. “For sports media and strategic communications, there are plenty of clubs and organizations to become a part of.”