Name: Randall (Randy) Krehbiel
Degree: News Editorial
Expected Graduation Date: 1978
Company: Tulsa World

Randy Krehbiel walks into his office at the Tulsa World every morning eager to find what his day will bring.

 What makes Krehbiel excited to get up and head to the same job he has had for 38 years? He loves that each day is different and unpredictable.

“I literally go to work every day not knowing exactly what I’m going to do,” Krehbiel said. “That’s what makes it interesting and fun.”

Krehbiel graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1978 as a news editorial major and began his career as a reporter for the Tulsa World in 1979, where he is employed. Krehbiel covers state and federal government, as well as politics. In what he calls his “previous life,” Krehbiel also covered higher education.

Krehbiel went against the grain when choosing to go the journalism and news editorial route. He grew up on a farm and had no journalism background before coming to OSU.

“When I signed up for journalism, I really wasn’t sure that’s what I was going to do,” Krehbiel said. “It was more of a matter of I’ll try this and see how it goes.”

As it turns out, he ended up loving the world of journalism and reporting.

Krehbiel attributes his passion to his time spent at The O’Collegian, which was the Oklahoma State school newspaper at the time. He said some of his favorite memories took place while working for The O’Collegian. Krehbiel said it’s important to gain as much real world experience as possible while in college, whether it’s the school newspaper, clubs, radio or internships. Real world experience is just as important as classroom experience or grade-point average.