Name: Megan (Hale) Harlan
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications
Expected Graduation Date: 2014
Company: Choice! Energy Services



Megan (Hale) Harlan and the journey of how she got her first job are proof the connections created and knowledge gained in college can transfer to the real world.



During her last semester of college, she got engaged.


“ I knew I was moving to Houston and getting married,” Megan said.


 It was during this period of transition an old friend reached out to her. Her friend connected her with a job recruiter in the Houston, Texas, area. The next day, Megan received a call from the recruiter asking if they could meet.


These conversations and connections led Megan to her current job.


“I wouldn't say I found the job; I would say the job found me,” Megan said. “I’m really thankful because I mesh well with everyone at the company.”


Megan currently works for Choice! Energy Services, which is an energy consultant firm. In May 2017, the company launched the ‘Meal for Deal’ campaign. Choice! Energy Services partners with the Houston Food Bank. The company tries to raise funds to help feed hungry families in the Houston area.


“It’s been so cool to be a part of this campaign,” Megan said.


One of the ways Megan benefited from SMSC was learning how to write well.


“I write emails to clients,” Megan said. “ It’s a skill I use every day, and it makes a big impression.”


Megan vividly remembered the Advanced Public Relations class. She recalled how there were 10 people in it, and it was a week long.


“I lived in the Paul Miller Building all day long for a week,” Megan said. “The class was extremely immersive.”


Megan’s advice to college sophomores and juniors is to follow what they’re passionate about.


“Do what you really want to do, and use your time wisely,” Megan said. “Even if you want to do nothing, use that time wisely.”


 Megan’s advice for seniors is to not get discouraged, and to apply to smaller companies.


 “Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a job; sometimes hearing a no is OK,” Megan said.


College, connections and conversations can open a door to a world of possibilities.