Name: Lauren Combs
Degree: Strategic Communication
Expected Gradluation Date: 2016
Company: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Oklahoma State University



Lauren Combs was able to turn her OSU Communications internship into a full-time job right after graduation.  

“I got lucky having an awesome paid internship my senior year,” Combs said. “It helped me realize what my interests were in and provided me a job right out of college.”

Combs found her internship through, an OSU employment website. She created content for social media accounts and researched media trends to keep the communications office up to date. Through this experience, Combs realized she wanted to pursue a career in social media. She applied to various jobs out of state but decided to take one with OSU Communications. She has been working there full time as their communications specialist while getting her Master of Mass Communications.

“I didn’t plan on staying in Stilly; I actually applied to other jobs near Dallas and Los Angeles,” Combs said. “I just knew this job was where I should be. It’s working out well.”

Combs struggled with the transition out of college. She wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a full-time job. However, she quickly adjusted to her position as the communications specialist.  

"Starting out, my biggest challenge was developing confidence in myself,” Combs said. “You gain more of a flexible and creative aspect, and it is hard to just take the initiative to do things like research.”

In addition to interning for OSU Communications, Combs was involved in several organizations on campus. She was involved in a Panhellenic sorority, the 2016 National Student Advertising Competition team and served as membership chair for the Association for Women in Communication. She encourages students to go outside their comfort zone and get involved.  

“Being involved was one of the best things I did in college,” Combs said. “Don’t be afraid to be too busy. I met so many people and made connections through each organization.”