School of Media & Strategic Communications

Results from NBS-AERho National Student Competition

Top Video Newscast (pre-recorded):  O-State Report (Kurtis Quillen, Madison Reichart)
Top Video Sports Package:  Baseball Walkout Losses (Kurtis Quillen)
Top Sports Segment (tie):  Father and Son Duo on the Wrestling Mat (Doug Thompson) and American Recruited to Play Aussie Rules Football (Amelia Henderson)
Top Sports Program (tie):  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen, Caleb Surly)  (tied with another school)
Top Video Program Opener :  Wrestling Show Opener (Courtney Bay)

Congratulations to all these wonderful students, past and present.  Congratulations also goes to the professors who did such a fantastic job in preparing the students for this competition.