SMSC alumnus gets 'paid to play'

Ryan Cameron wakes up every day and does something he's passionate about. His love for sports brought him many good stories and friendships.

Cameron knew since day one that he wanted to work in athletics, although he knew he didn’t want to be a professional athlete.

A professor received an email that contained information on an intern position that was open at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. After hearing about this internship, Cameron saw this opportunity as a way to begin his work in the sports world. Cameron landed the internship, and started down the path that would shape his future. From there, Cameron became connected to the Sports Information Office, which would later be called Athletic Communications. Cameron was hired on the spot for sports communication at OSU.

“I was the kid who would get up in the morning and instead of watching cartoons, I would watch Sports Center,” Cameron said.

For as long as he can remember, Cameron has always had a passion for sports. He started playing t-ball when he was four years old and has always been inclined to win. Cameron grew up with a ball in his hand and tried every sport he could find. 

Cameron says he has always had a passion for sports. Prior to being a part of the SMSC program, he wasn’t sure what route he wanted to take to pursue this passion. After joining the SMSC family, he found his path toward a future in sports.

“I tell people I don’t have a job because I don’t consider this work,” Cameron said. “I tell people all the time I feel like I get paid to play.” 

Throughout his time with Sports Communications, Cameron has worked during tragedies at OSU, but he doesn’t let this break his spirits. Cameron looks to the positives of his job to help outweigh negative things that happen.

During his time as an SMSC student, students who knew they wanted to end up on camera talking about sports surrounded Cameron. In his first broadcasting class, Cameron froze in front of the camera and realized that being in that position was not where he belonged. Cameron struggled to find his niche in sports until he interviewed with the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Cameron’s favorite thing about his job is that he doesn’t do the same thing every day and that he is surrounded by people who strive for success.

“I like to see achievement,” Cameron said. “I like to see people strive to be great, and we’ve been fortunate to have had that here at OSU.”

Cameron’s love for his job is visible and well respected by the co-workers and athletes that he works with on a daily basis. One of his internship students, Meagan Bordayo, had only nice things to say about Cameron.

“He is a jokester, and he is always willing to teach me more about how the things work,” Meagan said. “He brings positivity to work, and we all enjoy being around him.”

His relationship with the athletes is also very close, and Cameron is always willing to help them, even after they graduate from OSU. Cameron is still very close with his former player and current number seven golfer in the world, Rickie Fowler.

Cameron was kind of late for the party when it came to job and internship search after college, and his advice to SMSC students is to not wait like he did.

“Go get experience, try to take on as many skills as you can, and get an internship,” Cameron said.