Name: Molly Sanders

Degree: Multimedia Journalism & History

Expected Graduation Date: May 2020


Molly Sanders was a communications intern for National History Day in Maryland and realized she wanted to combine her love for history with her love for journalism.


She has a passion for podcasting and now interns with the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program where she developed the podcast, Amplified Oklahoma.

In the future, Molly hopes to work for the National Public Radio doing news broadcasts and podcasts for the company.

“I’ve always loved NPR,” Molly said. “Through my time as the podcast intern, I’ve realized that I really love being able to write the stories and develop the final product because it’s so cool to have a hands-on experience. You can see what you did and how you can influence the world with it.”

Molly knew that she wanted to study history and journalism since high school. Molly qualified for the National History Day competition four years in a row.

“I used iMovie and Final Cut to create my documentaries and realized that history and journalism were my two passions,” Molly said. “I really love the production side of everything. That’s why I chose MMJ over strategic communications.”

Aside from her busy schedule, Molly is also a part of the OSU History Club and the Speaker’s Board, which previously brought James Franco and Common to speak on campus.

“Being able to talk to those professionals and interact with the OSU students gives you a glimpse into the professional world,” Molly said. “You know, contacting agents and them getting back to you is pretty cool.”

Molly is taking entry classes right now, but she loves it. She is learning about different editing software and the production side of MMJ. “Being able to see everything that we’ve developed, it really makes you realize that this is what I’m supposed to do with my life,” Molly said.

She also got to listen to the original sound booth recording of Vincent Price and Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Max Andrew’s Electronic Communications class. “It was the coolest thing in the world because you got to hear the actual production and all the takes and things like that,” Molly said.