Name: Lori Covey

Degree: Multimedia Journalism

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


Lori Covey started college with a plan to study business practices but is now pursuing a career path in creative journalism.

Covey changed her major because she couldn’t picture herself working a typical businesslike job. She says she has always enjoyed writing. After transferring from the OSU Spears School of Business to the OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications, she has expanded her love for writing.

Covey has learned several skills during her undergraduate studies. These skills include the basics of proper grammar and concise writing, editing and shooting video, how to interview and how to tell a story from a well-rounded perspective.

“This major has provided me with opportunities to learn more about what I want to do through clubs or activities that have allowed me to network,” Covey said. “It has opened doors to speakers and conferences that have taught me important skills for my future.”

Covey hasn’t had an internship but has had other opportunities she credits as beneficial experiences. She has been a member of PRSSA and worked for The O’Colly. She wrote monthly blogs for the apparel brand Wear Your Label and wrote online as a global influencer for Mogul. She has also managed social media for a local coffee company.

“All of these have helped me realize I want to pursue a journalism job in a more creative and editorial style rather than a hard-news type of job,” Covey said.

Covey’s favorite memory comes from her favorite class, Media Style & Structure. She said she has never learned more in a short period of time. Her favorite memories come from the relationships she built with her classmates.

“We hardly survived that class, so it was a bonding experience to pass and move on to our editing class together,” Covey said.

Covey is working on a video project for her advanced reporting class. She is basing her project on Oklahoma’s education crisis. She has enjoyed working on something she considers to be important and relevant to this state.

Writing editorials and photographing for a major fashion magazine in a big city, something like Vogue, is her dream job. Her plan is to apply for jobs along the Northeast coast, Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. She said she hopes to start her career working for a local lifestyle magazine.

Covey’s advice for future SMSC students is to join many clubs. She encourages students to work for The O’Colly and OState TV.

“Getting involved will open doors and opportunities to you,” Covey said. “Talk to your professors and tell them what you want to do post-college because chances are, they will know someone who can help you.”

Outside of school, Covey enjoys photography and credits her major as the biggest influencer of this hobby.

“This interest first came from a photography assignment I had to do in my electronic communications class, and I fell in love with it, “ Covey said.