Name: Hayley Bondank

Degree: Strategic Communications & Spanish

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


Looking for the perfect major, Hayley Bondank found a way to maximize her options.

 Bondank knew the School of Media & Strategic Communications would help use her originality and foreign language talents to pursue a double major degree in strategic communications and Spanish.

OSU was the only option for Bondank. She did not consider going anywhere else because she wanted a place that would bring her different opportunities.

“I loved the atmosphere, and I wanted to meet a new network of people being from Kansas City,” Bondank said.  “At OSU, I get to meet people from a different region like Oklahoma and Texas to broaden my horizons.”

After choosing to pursue her education at OSU, Bondank knew her talents best fit to a major in the SMSC. It offered everything she was looking for.

“I wanted a major where I could be creative while also having a business aspect to it,” Bondank said. “SMSC was the best of both worlds.”

While finishing her last year at OSU, Bondank has started to think about her post-graduate plan. She has a variety of options with two majors, but Bondank has her eyes set on a particular career path.

“My goal is to do communications or marketing for the hospitality and tourism industries,” Bondank said. “I would also like to utilize my Spanish degree to work across cultures and internationally.”

After developing vital skills throughout her college career, Bondank is ready for the future.

“SMSC has helped me become a better writer while also teaching me how to collaborate and work in groups,” Bondank said. “These skills will definitely make me a competitive candidate in my job search.”

With a few courses left, her advanced PR writing class with Gina Noble has been her favorite.

“I really like how Professor Noble tailors the coursework to prepare us for graduation and landing a career,” Bondank said.

After graduation, Bondank will miss OSU, but most important, the SMSC faculty. It has never failed in helping her succeed.

“They always served as a resource for me,” Bondank said. “I always knew where to go when I needed help with things such as my cover letter and resume. They want to help everyone  be the best they can. They are pretty generous in that way.”