Name: Sam Holzschuh

Degree: Multimedia Journalism

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Sam Holzschuh jumps at every opportunity to report news.

 He chose to enroll in the School of Media & Strategic Communications because it houses his primary interest, multimedia journalism.

“Although my career goals have changed over the years, I got into the program because I wanted to make a difference in the world without studying math and science,” Holzschuh said. 

The SMSC academic environment is different from his high school education. In his program, the classwork focuses almost exclusively on out-of-class projects, including reporting and recording news content.

 “Things changed when I got to college, but not in difficulty, only in my effort and interest,” he said.

Holzschuh's major-related experiences are not limited to the classroom setting. He is on the city beat for the university’s student-produced newspaper, The O’Colly. In addition, he regularly takes opportunities to record podcasts and radio shows as well as video report for OStateTV.

In the summer of 2017, Sam interned for the Okeene Record as a reporter. His faculty adviser from The O’Colly encouraged him to apply for the position.

“It was really good to get to understand the journalism business from the inside,” he said.

From his experiences as an SMSC student, Holzschuh said he has gained skills to make him stand out in his field including writing, ethics, video and audio production and professional skills.

“I had to quickly develop the confidence to interview strangers,” he said. “Learning interpersonal skills has helped me know how to best approach and get to know my interview subjects.”

After graduation, Holzschuh said he hopes to use his degree to land a career in photojournalism. He is interested in working with HBO Documentary or VICENews.

Looking back on his college career, Holzschuh offered general advice to prospective college students.

“Calm down and focus on more positive experiences and feelings,” he said.

 He emphasized learning to prioritize time management and relationships as early on as possible.

He also had recommendations for students interested in pursuing degrees in multimedia journalism.

“I would advise people to only try journalism if they are serious about it,” Holzschuh said. “Desiring a future meaningful to the world and community is the only way to make it through the program.”