Name: Kiley Josey
Degree: Multimedia Journalism
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018



Kiley Josey's passion for multimedia journalism began before she started college.

She joined the broadcasting team in high school, where she gained experience in basic video production, editing and shooting film. When she arrived at Oklahoma State University, she found multimedia journalism to be a perfect blend of her passions. 

 “It’s like art and technology,” Kiley said.

Kiley said she thinks the biggest change in coursework from high school to college is the amount of projects she is assigned. In high school, she had busy work, but in college, she is assigned weekly news packages and stories. 

 “It’s a lot different than just doing math and writing papers,” Kiley said.

 The classes she is enrolled in are courses that focus only on things she is passionate about, which she considers one of the best things about college. Having the ability to enroll in classes she finds interesting and exciting is what makes the coursework easier.

 Kiley works for “Pete’s Corner,” a show that airs on OState TV, and is her favorite project. Every week, she creates a story that pertains to the theme of the show. Although it can be a lot of work, Kiley enjoys it and loves being a part it.

 This previous summer, Kiley lived in Austin, Texas, while she interned for internet show and podcast, Philosophy Live. Kiley produced the show and, using her graphic design skills, created content for its website. While she loved her internship and living in Austin, she sees herself editing for television or movies after college.

 If she could advise her freshman self, she would never take fewer than 15 credit hours a semester.

 “Pack it in while it’s easy in the beginning,” Kiley said.

 If she could go back in time, she would do as much as she could while her classes and work schedule were less strenuous.