Name: Lauren Schatz

Degree: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


Lauren Schatz found the perfect fit in the School of Media & Strategic Communications. She is an involved student within the SMSC community, as a member of Public Relations Student Society of America, Bateman team.

Schatz graduated from a small Christian high school before attending Oklahoma State University. She says her high school did not offer a wide variety of classes. By coming to OSU, Schatz was able to choose classes that were more tailored toward her goals and what she wanted to accomplish in a work environment. 

Schatz says it’s no secret that the SMSC has the best staff. Professors provide students with the opportunity to broaden their skill sets and also create excellent pieces to build their portfolio. “SMSC is like a family,” Schatz said. “The staff and students truly care to help one another succeed.”

Schatz is a well-seasoned student with a lot of experience. She interned with Schatz Strategy, a communications firm. This fall, she started working as a social media communications specialist for Spears School of Business’ Department of Management and has written many articles for the Odyssey. During her time at OSU, she has gained many skills and experiences that will benefit her in her future career.

Schatz has always loved to write and create content, so fitting into the SMSC community was easy. Schatz's favorite memory in the Paul Miller Building was creating her podcast for electronic communications.

“I remember thinking in that moment how sure I was about my major,” Schatz said. “It didn’t even feel like work.”

Schatz says the best thing about the SMSC is the hands-on experience you get within the major.

If Schatz could give advice to her freshman self, she would say to get out more. She said while GPA is important, making lasting connections is just as important, if not more important than your GPA.

“Getting involved in student organizations has helped expose me to opportunities I would not have known about otherwise,” Schatz said.

SMSC provides its students with opportunities to get hands-on experience. In fact, SMSC encourages a hands-on learning style. Schatz has taken the challenge and has involved herself in projects in and outside of the school. 

When Schatz graduates she hopes to work in a fast-paced ad agency or public relations firm to gain experience. After gaining more experience within the work place, She aspires to open her own nonprofit or a public relations firm that works closely with nonprofit foundations.

“I love every aspect of my major,” Schatz said. “It honestly will be difficult narrowing down what specific area to go into after graduation because I love it all.”