Name: Jamie Matthews

Degree: Multimedia Journalism

Expected Graduation Date: May 2020


Jamie Matthews has enjoyed writing from the moment she picked up a pen, and Oklahoma State University has helped develop this love even more.

“I’ve always loved writing and media,” Matthews said. “I like how it allows everyone to express themselves in their own way, and how it brings people closer together than we ever have been. I wanted to play a part in that.”

Since enrolling at OSU, Matthews has learned many professional skills and has started to understand how to be successful and prepare for her future. Many alumni stress the importance of starting to network while in school and to have a least one internship. Matthews is involved with The O’Colly, the student-run newspaper, and the sailing club. She uses both organizations to make connections, and these connections have helped her gain an internship.

“SMSC has taught me things like writing, editing and people skills,” Matthews said. “I’ve gotten an internship from the connections I’ve made, and I get to talk to co-workers about career options every day.”

Matthews’ internship allowed her to be in charge of the social media presence of the Stillwater Parking and Transit Services. Matthews started working there in May 2017 and continues to work there. She has been able to learn valuable industry lessons early in her career, something which is sure to help develop her skills even more.

“Being in this field and this business is hard and very in your face sometimes, but I’ve learned to be more disciplined with my time.” Matthews said. “I’ve started to open my mind to all different kinds of thinking.”

Along with providing Matthews the writing and editing skills she needs to succeed after graduation, SMSC also offers a way to practice those skills in a professional environment. Students can write for The O’Colly and get their stories published, which is a resume booster for any SMSC major.

“Seeing my first story actually published was amazing,” Matthews said. “It was crazy seeing my name on something truly noteworthy, and it made me that much more excited about my future.”