Name: Lerin Thomas

Degree: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation Date: 2017

Lerin Thomas was born with Cowboy pride in her veins.

 Choosing Oklahoma State University was one of the easiest decisions Thomas has made. As an incoming freshman, she had an agricultural background, and that was when her decision process began to get a little harder. She had to make a decision between agriculture communications and strategic communications.

“I chose strategic communications because I wanted a major that was broad and I could do a lot with, as well as work for different companies in agriculture industries,” Thomas said. “I have a passion for people, so it was an easy decision for me knowing that I'd go into something like the communications field.”

During her time in college, she obtained multiple internships that prepared her for the future. As a social media intern, Thomas learned the ropes at the 101 Wild West Pro Rodeo.

“Being the social media director for the entire rodeo was a huge learning experience.” Thomas said. “I was in charge of social media, print media and radio interviews where I was given the opportunity to be creative and interact with all sorts of people.”

After graduation, Thomas plans to work for the National Reining Horse Association in Oklahoma City as a youth program adviser in January 2018.

“Youth programs did so much for me growing up, and I can't wait to give back and help influence young people's lives,” Thomas said.

With a knack for the agriculture industry and a passion for people, Thomas plans to continue using what she learned from the SMSC program and encourages others to do the same.

“If anyone is on the fence about choosing SMSC, I would let them know there are so many different areas of communication that you can go into here at OSU,” Thomas said. “It’s a college where everyone accepts you for who you are, and the faculty and staff of SMSC truly care about you.”

Thomas owes her education and versatility to SMSC and said she believes choosing this route will make her more valuable and relatable in the communications industry.