Working Through a Pandemic: OSU Student Preparedness


The transition from graduate studies to a career path can be difficult. Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communications equips each graduate student with the tools to take on their career, even during a pandemic.


Addie Chappell graduated from OSU’s SMSC in 2018 with her master’s in Mass Communications. Since her graduation, she has worked in the marketing industry for companies such as Paycom Marketing and now Koch Communications. In her position as Account Executive, Public Relations, Chappell has been able to navigate through the pandemic in an effective and confident manner. “OSU SMSC provided me with the confidence to know that I could do anything I set my mind to,” said Chappell. Projects of any shape and form prove no challenge for Chappell, “I am able to say yes to a project I may have not experience with but know I can figure it out because I have the experience, leadership, and scholastic skills to research, plan and deliver a quality product.”


Addie Chappell 1

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to go into mandatory lockdown, causing certain businesses to close temporarily or even permanently. Luckily, Koch Communications remains active in the marketing field. “I think marketing/communications was seen as something that could take a back seat during the pandemic,” said Chappell. She added that while other companies were not prioritizing bringing clients in, Koch Communications worked “exceptionally hard to show the value of our services and offerings.” 


Koch Communications’ initiative has greatly benefited both Chappell and the company, as she has noted that they have “seen people take our message of the value in marketing to heart and are now coming to us to help them drive their mission forward through marketing.” Chappell’s role has even increased, as she creates that very message clients have taken to heart, in order for the public to understand her clients. 


Addie Chappell is just one of many success stories produced by OSU SMSC. For more information about Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communications’ graduate program, please visit