OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications
High School Journalism Day
Nov. 2, 2018
Dear High School Educators: We are pleased to invite you and your students to attend our High School Journalism Day program.
Sessions feature professional journalists and publication advisers offering ways to improve yearbooks and newspapers, including the best use of multimedia.
Questions? Please contact the event coordinator, professor Joey Senat, Ph.D., at 405-744-8277 or joey.senat@okstate.edu
to the OSU Student Union.
The Student Union is at the corner of University and Hester avenues. Stillwater can be accessed easily from Interstate 35 from Oklahoma City and the Cimmarron Turnpike from Tulsa. It is about a one-hour drive from either city.
(Campus Parking Map)
  • Cars and school vans: Paid parking is available in the Student Union garage at the corner of University and Hester avenues. It has entrances on both streets.

  • Buses: To unload, go to University Avenue. Go north on Hester. Turn right at Morrill. Once you turn onto Morrill, pull onto the curb just enough so vehicles can pass. Unload as quickly as possible.

  • Buses must park in the north side of Lot 120, which is on the northeast corner of McElroy and Washington.

  • Bus Drivers, you may take the Orange Line to get to the Student Union. (Click on the arrow next to Orange to see the route.) Bus stops are on the northeast and southeast corners of Lot 120. The Orange Line runs on a 15-minute schedule. Transit Services said no fare is required for the Orange Line.

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. Sessions will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The conference will be held on the fourth floor of the OSU Student Union. The registration desk will be on that floor outside the Student Union Council Room.
Registration deadline: 5 p.m., Oct. 31
Please, do not send payment with the registration form. You may pay at the door, or we can bill you after the event.
Light refreshments will be provided in the Starlight Terrace on the fourth floor of the Student Union. To keep down registration fees, lunch must be on your own. Here is a list of options in the Student Union Food Court and a list of eateries elsewhere in Stillwater.
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Last Update: 10.30.18
Attn: Yearbook Representatives
OSU's High School Journalism Day is reserved for high school students and their teachers. If you wish to attend, you may do so by renting from the conference a table at which to market your products and to meet with current and prospective clients. Please email Joey Senat for the price and other details.
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(Please send Joey Senat the link to your Oklahoma high school publication.)