Name: Glen Brockenbush
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting
Expected Graduation Date: 2013
Company: Lawton Constitution



Glen Brockenbush is the sports writer for the Lawton Constitution in Lawton, Oklahoma.

After graduating in December 2013, Brockenbush worked for the Snyder Daily News in Snyder, Texas. He covered local government and won two awards from the West Texas Press Association for his writing.

Brockenbush moved to Lawton to pursue his career at the Lawton Constitution. He has worked there since December 2016. He covers local high school sports, college games in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Looking back from his college experience, Brockenbush is thankful for what he learned in college about journalism and life.

“Do not be afraid to work hard,” Brockenbush said. “You will get out of life and your career whatever you put in.”

As a student, Brockenbush was involved in the Sports Media Club, OSU Running Club and the I Am Second campus ministry.

The projects and assignments Brockenbush had in the School of Media & Strategic Communications are applicable to what he does every day.

“The more time and effort you put into a project, the better the results are,” Brockenbush said.

Many group projects gave Brockenbush the opportunity to build strong relationships with his classmates in the Paul Miller Building.

“Bonding with my friends and classmates by working on projects late into the night was one of my favorite memories,” Brockenbush said. “The teachers encouraged us to work together and build those bonds.”

Enjoying the experience is Brockenbush’s advice for students.

“Enjoy the time you have in college,” Brockenbush said. “OSU is an awesome place to be, and the SMSC is a huge part of that.”

For graduating seniors, Brockenbush encourages them to prepare as much as they can.

“Do not be afraid to get prepared now,” Brockenbush said. “Get things ready, send it out and apply for jobs today.”