Name: Baylee Leibold
Degree: Strategic Communications
Year of graduation: 2016

Company: Sagac Public Affairs



Baylee Leibold is a young communicator who dreamed of working for a lifestyle magazine.


After graduation, she accepted a job in political public affairs that revolves around politics. Little did Leibold know she would soon grow to enjoy working for a company that advocated for politicians.

“My favorite part about my job is completing a project start to finish,” Leibold said. “When you see that you’ve exceeded your client’s expectations, it’s a really good feeling.”

When Leibold looks back on her experience at OSU, she remembers the time she spent in the Paul Miller Building.

“The all-night hours spent during graphic design projects are some of my favorite memories,” Leibold said. “My professor saw the effort I was putting into the course, and I ended up getting an A. It was one of my favorite classes.”

Involvement is something Leibold seemed to stress quite a bit. 

“I wish I would have been more involved in my specific college,” Leibold said. “Though I was really involved in my sorority, I wish I would have balanced my time better.” 

Holding positions in her sorority took up most of her free time and even though the leadership positions were rewarding, she said she wishes she would have taken more time to get involved in the Ambassador program. 
Along with her involvement advice, Leibold gave many quick tips on being prepared upon graduation.

“Apply, apply, apply and take an early internship,” Leibold said. “Make sure you pay attention and soak in every bit of information given to you. These days your boss will expect you to come to the workplace with information to teach them and that is something I wasn't quite prepared for after graduating.”

Leibold owes all of her success to Oklahoma State and the School of Media & Strategic Communications for preparing her for the real world.

“Pay attention and try new things,” Leibold said. “OSU gives you the opportunity to learn so much and be sure to take full advantage it. Who cares if you aren't the best? You have so much to learn, so be sure to keep your eyes open and your ears toward your professors; they’re your biggest fans.”