Name: Raya Greenbaum
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting
Expected Graduation Date: 2011
Company: Best Friends Animal Society 



Raya Greenbaum knows it's important to get a point across.

 “Everybody needs someone that knows how to write well and knows how to communicate,” Greenbaum said.

Greenbaum, a Network Digital Resource Specialist for Best Friends Animal Society, graduated from Okahoma State University with a degree in journalism and broadcasting in 2011. With extensive experience in multiple fields across the communications spectrum, Greenbaum has worked with companies for different reasons.

Starting her college career by leaving her Douglas, Kansas, hometown and heading to Stillwater with a year’s worth of credits, she felt the need to get all four years of information that college can give her.

Greenbaum had time to obtain more knowledge about news editorial, broadcast production, advertising and broadcast journalism majors with a minor in English.

Greenbaum said she thinks it is important to figure out where you would want to work.

“You have to really figure out what it is you enjoy doing because it makes your life easier,” Greenbaum said. “I feel like you are able to hone in on that and gain the skills you need.”

Volunteering can give experience for a future career or it can lead to a job in the field you want.

“I think anyone can sacrifice an hour to volunteer,” Greenbaum said. “I never worked in a humane society before, I just volunteered with them and they saw that connection.”

Greenbaum volunteered as a photographer for a humane society. When she interviewed for her position at Best Friends Animal Society, members saw she had worked with a humane society.

Volunteering is more than experience; it opens doors.

“I volunteered at a film festival and got a job at a photography museum,” Greenbaum said.