Name: Meredith Lindaman
Degree: Journalism & Broadcasting
Expected Graduation Date: 2005
Company: Steidley Neal


Oklahoma State University was not the last stop for Meredith Lindaman in her educational journey.

After graduating, Lindaman earned her law degree from the University of Tulsa in 2008 and is a partner in Steidley Neal in Tulsa. Her desire to pursue a law degree came about during her time at OSU. She found herself enjoying and excelling in law courses offered at the Paul Miller Journalism Building.

“Some of my most memorable moments in the Paul Miller Building was in Joey Senat’s Media Law class,” Lindaman said. “His classes and his love for what he teaches took me from someone who sees the world as black and white to showing me that there was gray. I will forever be appreciative.”

A journalism degree isn’t the typical choice when a student plans on pursuing a law degree. Despite this, she has found many skills acquired from her OSU degree to be helpful in her career as a lawyer.

“The practice of law is all about written and oral communication, and that is the focus of the journalism department,” Lindaman said. “In terms of jury trials, I have to appeal to people of all different backgrounds, education levels and experience. I think a journalism background is very helpful in teaching you how to communicate a message with people with the different types of variabilities.”

She has learned to be open-minded and consider every option available.

“At the end of the day, your every action does not come with as many consequences as you may think,” Lindaman said. “Too often we take ourselves too seriously.”