Name: Nicole Morgan
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting with an emphasis in Public Relations
Expected Graduation Date: 2006
Resolute PR


Nicole Morgan is a boss.

The Oklahoma State University alumni started a public relations firm in 2014 and holds the title CEO. Morgan dipped her toes into the public relations world as a student at Oklahoma State University.

Right after college, Morgan landed a job at a public relations firm in Tulsa. At the firm, she held the title account coordinator. In this position, she learned how to provide support and manage accounts for various public relations, event planning and marketing accounts.

After several years in the public relations world, Morgan opened a public relations firm called Resolute PR. Resolute PR is a firm based in Tulsa that provides marketing, public relations or advertising to companies. As CEO, Nicole is able to mold the business into her exact vision.

The Resolute PR website states the firm was built on the principle that “hard work, consistency, determination and devotion to our clients is the formula for creating a successful public relations agency.”

Even though Morgan is a successful business owner, she remembers how she got her start. She recalls fond memories in the Paul Miller Journalism Building.

“I wrote for The O’Colly when I was a student,” Morgan said. “I enjoyed being able to feel like a real journalist and get some real-world experience.”

As CEO of a company, she sees the value of going the extra mile as an employee. She said she thinks students can make a solid first impression by showing they are not afraid to work hard.

“Students who are doing internships a lot of times will only do what’s asked of them,” Morgan said. “I think it’s important that they recognize the value in going above and beyond of what’s asked of them.”