Name: Marti Going
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism
Expected Graduation Date: December 2014
Company: Fox 25 News


In four years, Marti Going went from working as an assistant producer to the lead producer of the 5 p.m. news.

 As a producer, Going goes in to work at 9 a.m., and she doesn’t leave until after her 5 p.m. show. Her time is spent meeting with reporters, searching for stories and writing her show. She meets with the reporters regularly to ensure that they are on track and gathering good content.

She interned with the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and News On 6 in Tulsa during her time as an undergraduate. She focused on improving her writing and grammar skills while also making connections at those internships.

While at Oklahoma State, Going learned the importance of managing her time and multitasking to complete her assignments on time. These behaviors have been crucial to her success in the working world. Convincing herself she wasn’t a kid anymore was the hardest transition for Going. She found it difficult to stop thinking of her co-workers as superiors and to start treating them more like peers. She learned having confidence was a crucial trait, but a hard thing to learn.

Finding someone to connect with and make sure to stay in touch with him or her is her advice to graduating seniors. It’s important to reach out to others often because they will be helpful in finding jobs and giving advice.

“It’s the recommendations that get you the job,” Going said.

Going said she wants freshmen to focus on being outgoing and getting involved. People learn valuable skills from becoming leaders in clubs and organizations on campus. She also wants incoming students not to be afraid to ask questions. Questions are the quickest way to learn.

The long nights in Paul Miller Building stand out when Going thinks about her time at Oklahoma State. She loved having the opportunity to get close with the people in her classes. They formed a bond that made her feel at home.