Name: Gabby Howard
Graduation Date: May 2016
Major: Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications
Company: Brothers & Company



Just two days after graduation, Gabby Howard jumped into the working world.

Howard was set on working for Brothers & Company, so when they offered her a position as a project manager, she quickly accepted. She worked her way up to her current position as an account executive. Howard loves her job because each day is different. She works with both the creative and client sides of the advertising agency. Her job includes helping her clients communicate what they are looking for and making sure the creative team is on track for their projects.

Howard attributes her writing skills and professionalism to the several upper-division classes she took at Oklahoma State. She believes that writing skills are extremely important and valued in the workplace.

One of the biggest pieces of advice Howard wants graduating seniors to know is to use connections. Brothers & Company contacted Howard shortly after she mentioned to one of their clients that she had applied. Howard said if a job sounds interesting, then try to reach out to someone who works at the company, or someone who has a connection to the company. Howard says after graduation, the world becomes even smaller, and it is amazing the connections people have. Never turn down going to coffee or meeting someone for lunch. Networking is so important, and it helps people find the right job for their interests.

“It’s important to get a job that you think you can do, but it’s also important to find a place where you feel like you can thrive and learn,” Howard said.

Howard’s advice to freshmen is to find a mentor. Having someone to talk to who has made common mistakes is crucial in the college experience. It is also important to get involved early. Students gain just as much from the organizations they join as they do in the classroom.

One of Howard’s favorite projects she did in school was creating a nonprofit organization and planning an event for it. Seeing the process through from start to finish is what made her realize that she wanted to work with accounts.