Name: Gil Marom
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Strategic Communications
Expected Graduation Date: May 2015
Company: Houzz


Gil Marom took his creativity to California.

After graduation, Marom left Oklahoma and began an internship in Laguna Beach with a creative advertising agency called Young Company.

Once the internship concluded, Marom began his job with Houzz, a website and online community focused on architecture, interior design, landscape design and home improvement. He started as an account coordinator, which included calling professionals within the home design industry, introducing them to the platform and creating a free profile for them.

After six months, Marom was promoted to account manager. He earned this promotion by being a top performer within his team and bringing numerous professionals into the marketing program. Marom said he believes through his studies at Oklahoma State University he gained the knowledge and confidence needed to help him excel.

“I honestly think we have one of the best programs in the nation,” Marom said. “It really gives the students a taste of what the real world is like. I was very prepared for hitting the deadlines and double-checking my work.”

Marom attended OSU to become a veterinarian. He continued on this path for two years before he discovered it was not what he wanted to do.

“I talked to my adviser and told her what I enjoy doing,” Marom said. “After I explained that I enjoy graphic design and video editing, she recommended strategic communications, and she couldn’t have been more right. As soon as I stepped into the Paul Miller Building, I felt at home.”

Marom was actively involved and spent many hours in the Paul Miller Building. He joined AdClub as the social media chair and then became president. Marom was also part of the team that competed in the National Student Advertising Competition for Mary Kay.

The long nights spent working on projects with friends are Marom's fondest memories..

With the changes he made in his college career, he is able to give advice to current students who might be struggling to find where they belong.

“Always stay hungry to learn more,” Marom said. “If you are not passionate about what you are doing right now, look into what inspires you. That’s what college is about.”