Name: Katie Rose
Degree: Strategic Communications
Expected Graduation Date: 2016
Company: Rose Home Teams of Keller Williams Realty



Real estate is not the typical path for a strategic communications major, but Katie Rose has seen success in the field because of her degree.

 After graduation, Rose began working at her parents’ real estate business as a social media consultant and a Realtor.

“I got recognized for an advertisement,” Rose said. “It reached all the way to the top of our global company and got all the way to the co-CEO. We reached a lot of different people and had clients come to us solely off of our presence online through social media.”

During her time at OSU, Rose changed her major a few times before choosing strategic communications. She fell in love with the major after taking Introduction to Strategic Communications with Danny Shipka. She is constantly learning about social media and can see the benefits of her degree.

“You don’t have to have a college degree to be a Realtor, and many people don’t,” Rose said. “I think I have an added benefit because I have a degree in strategic communications. I know so much more about advertising, social media and public relations than the average realtor, and it has shown significant value with my customers.”

Rose chose strategic communications for the creative aspect and the open-ended options after graduation. She applies what she learned in the School of Media & Strategic Communications every day.

“Underclassmen, go to class because you will learn so much just by being there,” Rose said. “Seniors, start looking for jobs now.”

As an SMSC major, Rose spent many hours working on class projects in the Paul Miller Building. The hours spent on projects have created long-lasting memories of SMSC for Rose.

“I took Fundamentals of Audio and Visual Production my senior year, and our project didn’t save,” Rose said. “One of my friends and I had to go in and cram 24 hours of editing back into eight hours. Everyone was just so helpful during that time. It was just a fun little sleepover almost.”