Name: Matt Cohlmia II
Degree: Strategic Communications
Expected Graduation Date: 2016
Employer: KeyBridge Technologies, Inc.



Anxiety-stricken students hustling to find what to do after graduation is not a new concept, but they should be reminded of the virtually infinite amount of opportunities they have yet to discover.


Matt Cohlmia resides in the Oklahoma City area, where he is an instructional developer for KeyBridge Technologies, Inc. Cohlmia assists in the composition of instructional materials for the nation’s military. He has not been at KeyBridge long because he graduated less than a year ago. Being a recent graduate, Cohlmia has not forgotten what it is like to be an undergraduate.

Cohlmia thinks highly of his experience at the School of Media & Strategic Communications. He said he believes the school taught him so many lessons outside of the classroom, which at the time, he was unaware he was learning. Cohlmia learned how to open up and challenge himself. He was taught how to complete coursework in a group while becoming a better leader and peer.

For Cohlmia, this is the beginning of the immense amounts of lessons he learned.

“You have no idea how valuable proper writing skills are,” Cohlmia said. 

This was only the beginning to the numerous pieces of advice Cohlmia had for the students. He wants to remind students to never stop trying and to seek criticism. Understanding and responding to feedback is a crucial element in the workplace, which SMSC students get practice with every day. Being able to take feedback in a positive light and grow on it is a trait hard to come by.

Cohlmia encourages students to get involved. He treasures his time spent on the National Student Advertising Competition team, being a teacher’s assistant, winning a Student Addy and much more. Through his chuckles, he reminisced of the time his parents came into the Paul Miller Building to see his project on display.

“The Paul Miller Building is a unique place at Oklahoma State,” Cohlmia said.