Name: Jeremy Davis
Degree: Broadcast Journalism and Sports Media
Expected Graduation Date: 2008
Employer: Orange Power Studios



Jeremy Davis decided early in his college career to dive headfirst into the workforce, which has paid off.

 “After those first two years of getting used to college and just having fun, I knew I was ready to focus entirely on school and my career,” Davis said. “I had just had an internship, and I knew afterward that I was ready to get out there and start working.”

Davis is a director for Orange Power Studio, the in-house production team for OSU Athletics, and has been a part of it since its conception. Soon after he graduated, Davis was able to land a job in OSU’s Communication Department.

After Davis worked as a freelance journalist for five years, Orange Power Studios started gaining momentum. His boss, C.J. Lickert, was hired to manage the studio and brought Davis over with him. To Davis, internships were important to his career development.

“If I didn’t go to a video production internship, I would have graduated with a degree in web design,” Davis said. “That degree drove me to OSU-Stillwater and to the degree I graduated with.”

Never being the one to plan for 10 to 20 years, Davis never thought he would be where he is. He said this was another reason he is so adamant about real-world experience instead of only class projects. He also was quick to mention the School of Media & Strategic Communications is built for that, and the professors and classmates are always there to help.

Davis remembers how many late nights he spent in the Paul Miller Building working on projects with friends.

“I just felt like Room 205 was my room,” Davis said.

Davis said spending so many hours working on projects can become overwhelming, but the students will find whether it’s something they want to do, they will survive.

“Struggling through the semester is fine,” Davis said. “That’s what college is supposed to be about: To help you find what you want to do.”