Name: Brianna Autry
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications
Year of graduation: December 2013
Company: Business development with A&A Asphalt, owner at Metallic Lotus, realtor associate at Chinowth & Cohen.



Brianna Autry knew her hard work would get noticed.

 Autry was a college senior working 25 hours, taking 18 hours in classes, writing for The O’Colly and interning in Tulsa.

“I would get online and look at all the firms and companies I dreamed of working for, whether they were hiring or not, I would send them my resume with a cover letter and link to my digital portfolio,” Autry said. “I made a goal to send out one a week. Half wouldn’t respond, a fourth informed me they weren’t hiring and the other fourth I interviewed with.”

Autry continued to apply and interview for several positions. Some jobs she was hired for felt more like a sales position than public relations. Autry landed a job in her field six months after graduation. Autry works three jobs; she is in business development with A&A Asphalt, she is the owner of Metallic Lotus and is a realtor associate at Chinowth & Cohen.

“Fresh out of college I struggled finding a job even though I had three internships during college,” Autry said. “After about six months, I had an interview with an architecture firm and landed the job. After two years, I moved on to a construction company, A&A Asphalt, where I currently work. On top of that, I also decided to open my own online shop, Metallic Lotus.”

At the School of Media & Strategic Communications, Autry learned the importance of branding and using technology to communicate and deliver a message. Moving forward, Autry has hope of opening a physical shop for Metallic Lotus.

Autry advises current and future SMSC students to prepare for their careers as soon as they can.

“You have to hustle like no other if you want to be successful,” Autry said. “Intern like crazy. It is important that you do everything you can, and give it all that you got.”