Name: Ashley Cope
Degree: Strategic Communications
Expected Graduation Date: 2016
Employer: PennWell


Ashley Cope works for PennWell Corp. in Tulsa and connects businesses to professionals internationally as the marketing manager.

 She graduated from OSU in May 2016 with a degree in strategic communications and a minor in marketing. Cope interned at PennWell the summer after she graduated and began working full time in August 2016.

As the marketing manager, she leads campaigns for PennWell’s clients’ conferences, trade shows and magazines, which have been successful.

Cope’s career allows her to work with a variety of clients, and she enjoys being able to travel for her job.

As an OSU student, Cope was the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s marketing intern. She was involved in her classes and thankful today for everything she learned.

“The strategic communications classes set me up for success in the real world after college,” Cope said. “Writing classes helped teach me how to write press releases, and the graphic design class helped me to better work with the graphic designers in my company.”

While she was a student, the real-life projects and assignments helped prepare her for her career.

“The professors at Paul Miller genuinely cared, and they encouraged me to find the right internship and the job I wanted,” Cope said. “They taught me to not take the first job that is offered but to find the job that I actually wanted.”

Cope advises students to be involved in the classroom and as many organizations as possible.

“Use the things you learn in class in your actual life,” Cope said. “Get outside of your box; there is never such a thing as too much experience.”

Cope encourages seniors to look and apply for jobs they would be excited to have.

“No one should dread going to work every day,” Cope said.