Name: Jenny Karn
Degree: News Editorial Journalism, Bachelor of Arts
Expected Graduation Date: 2008
Company: Beutler Ink


As a student, Jenny Karn took on summer internships in Washington, D.C., twice.


As a result, she fell in love with the area and career opportunities available to someone who loved politics and journalism. After graduating, she took another internship in D.C., this time with the Chronicle of Higher Education in hopes she was paving a path toward becoming a political reporter.

Shortly after, Karn left behind her political dreams to join the staff at the Tulsa World. Once Karn parted ways with the Tulsa World, she worked for other various community papers showing her versatility by taking on numerous positions. Ultimately, her passion for journalism had reached a deadlock when she noticed she had gone into journalism for purposes that were no longer being satisfied.

In 2011, Karn began work at her first agency. She started working small assignments but was soon leading bigger projects, clients and partnerships. She used this job as a gateway, taking initiative and using her creativity to integrate herself into her current position. Karn is in charge of client relationships, business development and managing her team, which is her true passion. Her team focuses on the majority of client services, including digital marketing, social media and visual design.

MTV, Forbes and the NBA are a few clients she has worked with. Things even came full circle when Google hired her team for Google Election in 2012, enabling her to get involved in politics  again.

 Her most valuable lesson learned at OSU would be responsibility; everything has a consequence.

 To current students, Karn says to get as much experience as possible. To graduating seniors, she warns instant gratification is not guaranteed in the workplace. Be prepared to put in the hard work. To women in media, she says advocate for yourself.

 “Speak up, show up and be part of the conversation,” Karn said.