Name: Emma Kelley
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
Year of graduation: 2012
Company:  Oklahoma State Athletics


Emma Kelley still wears America’s Brightest Orange even after her graduation.  OSU Athletics has allowed Emma to start her career and grow in a field she’s passionate about. Emma took a full-time job with OSU Athletics in June 2013, six months after she graduated from college.  She was a ticket sales retention representative for two years.  Hard work led to a promotion and her second position with the Athletic Department, which was a ticket sales and customer service manager.  Her work ethic opened doors and brought her to her current job.

“It’s pretty fun to look back and see where I started,” Emma said. “I promise, I never thought I’d be where I am today.”  Emma’s current job revealed to her how hard work can accomplish goals. Her latest marketing project, the Season of Orange, is one she’s proud of. This project encourages people to wear orange and carry the pride of OSU Athletics with them throughout the rest of the athletic season.   

“When you’re at Boone Pickens Stadium on game day and see a packed stadium wearing orange, it’s rewarding and exciting,” Emma said.

SMSC helped strengthen Emma’s writing and communication skills.  The courses SMSC offered during Emma’s senior year allowed her to gain real-world experience.

“The Advanced Public Relations Writing class was one of the most beneficial courses,” Emma said.  “You take so many classes throughout your freshman and senior years, and to see all of the pieces come together and be useful is encouraging.”

 mma has an interesting perspective on career paths because she went right from the classroom to her first full-time job on campus. Emma’s advice for sophomores and juniors is to appreciate the time in the classroom.  “I recommend taking your classes seriously because everything has a purpose,” Emma said. “Be a sponge, learn as much as you can and soak in as much knowledge as possible.”

Emma’s advice for seniors is to be present.  “Enjoy your last year because it goes by quickly,” Emma said. “Even if you don’t think you will, you’ll miss some parts of college. You’ll miss having your best friends with you every day.”

Knowledge, experiences and dedication led Emma to the career of her dreams.