Name: Abby Fox
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting (Public Relations)
Expected Graduation Date: 2008
Company: The OSU Foundation


Driven by the encouragement of an OSU professor, Abby Fox didn’t wait until graduation to attain a breadth of professional experience.

 “I was in Gina Noble’s Media in a Diverse Society class when she told us about the importance of internships,” Fox said. “I was determined from there on out to get an internship every summer.”

Fox achieved her goal and spent each summer as a communications intern. She gained experience in public relations and advertising working for a government entity and a nonprofit organization. Having experience in different industries helped Fox expand her professional skills and understand how different businesses operate.

Fox is thankful for a college education that, like her internships, prepared her for a career in communications. Rigorous coursework, involvement in PRSSA and work as a teacher’s assistant developed her into an emerging professional.

“Overall, I feel like my education prepared me extremely well to be successful today,” Fox said. “I feel like so many of the courses you take help you gain the skills you need to succeed in this business.”

Years after internships and college coursework, Fox finds importance in getting involved and taking advantage of opportunities. She encourages college students to do the same.

“Being willing to go just a step further than most people will get you head and shoulders above the rest,” Fox said. “It really gives you the chance to make an impression on people if you show that you are willing to work hard.”

Fox’s drive and hard work has allowed her to achieve several professional successes. Although she never imagined she would live in Stillwater after graduation, her success with OSU continues to grow, and the town remains her home. Her career with the OSU Foundation constantly provides her with opportunities to impact others, which she considers to be the most important part of her work.

“I want to know what I’m doing is making a positive difference in the lives of others,” Fox said. “That means more to me than getting a headline or shiny award.”