Name: Elizabeth Bower
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Sports Media (Production)
Expected Graduation Date: 2016
Company: Oklahoma City Dodgers



Oklahoma State was never on Elizabeth Bower’s radar, but after learning about the Sports Media Program and visiting campus, she was hooked.

 Bower began her college career in 2012. After graduation, she began work for an independent baseball team in Oklahoma City. Although she was happy to begin a career that revolved around her favorite sport, she found herself wanting more.

“One thing I was taught at OSU is to know your worth,” Bower said. “I knew my worth, and I knew I wanted to be used as an industry professional.”

After much thought, Bower decided it was time to leave her job. Her last day was a Tuesday, and by Friday she had received an offer for what is her current position with the Oklahoma City Dodgers, a minor league affiliate for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The youngest manager in the organization, Bower has a breadth of responsibilities. She manages a staff of 40, including the production team and the Blue Crew, the OKC Dodgers entertainment hosts. She helps handle broadcasting 71 games per year, creates hype videos and generates various other content.

With a role that takes on a variety of tasks, Bower is thankful for the education she received in the SMSC.

“OSU did an incredible job of preparing me and my practical skills that I’ve used since I graduated," Bower said. “It helps me with my career today.”

She remembers the Paul Miller Building as a place where she built those skills.

“I knew if I was spending my time in Paul Miller, I would be not only surrounded by quality professors but quality peers as well,” Bower said. “It’s so much fun being able to be around all these people that are just as exhausted and just as dedicated as you are.”

Bower finds importance in having confidence in her skillset and knowing her worth. She discourages coming graduates and underclassmen from underselling themselves.

“The biggest challenge is not settling,” Bower said. “But don’t settle because it’s important to be in an organization that really cares about your growth. Find one that really wants to invest in you.”