Name: Jordan Leatherman 

Degree: Sports Media 
Year of graduation: 2015 
Company: NASCAR


She zoomed her way down the track and won her job at NASCAR.


Jordan Leatherman obtained her position as Senior Account Executive in Multicultural Development for NASCAR. She interned for NASCAR while working on her degree at Oklahoma State University.

“I’m happy to be back and see the possibilities,” she said.

Leatherman’s position at NASCAR gives her a platform to engage with women and people with diverse ethnic and multicultural backgrounds in all areas of the motorsports industry. She works diligently to do this through on and off the track incentives.

One of the projects she works on is the Drive for Diversity Driver and Pit Crew Development program. The Drive for Diversity program selects, coaches and trains young or diverse female drivers and pit crew members. The program is partnered with Rev Racing.

Her passion for racing comes from her family having deep roots with motorsports dating back more than 50 years. Leatherman enjoys motorsports because the factors that go into who wins are more diverse than in any other sport. Every factor has to be working in perfect condition to claim the win on race day.

“Timing, strategy, performance, engineering and sheer luck all have to work perfectly in a driver’s favor to win on Sunday,” she said.

She gives great advice because of the experience she gained from the School of Media & Strategic Communications and jobs she has held since graduation. If she could give advice to the underclassmen she would suggest paying attention in writing classes. If she could give advice to seniors, she would tell them to make the most of their opportunities.

“Everyone has the same resume, educational wise,” Leatherman said. “Make your resume stand out.”

She is making the most out of her professional career. She said as people get older and get out of college, dream jobs change, but the desire to make a difference doesn’t. She is truly making the most out of her professional career and loves her job.  “My biggest goal is to one day have a sustaining impact for the organization and the people I work with. That is how I’ll know I was truly successful. If I can look back and say, I made a difference working there,” Leatherman said.