Name: Germaine Paul
Degree: Journalism
Expected Graduation Date: 2009
Company: Ford Digital


Germaine Paul lived in London for a year launching a social media optimization platform to help small to medium businesses be discovered online.

 Paul began his career at Moroch Partners, a communications and marketing agency in Dallas. After gaining experience, Paul was selected as team lead for ReachLocal in the United Kingdom, where he launched 10 social media campaigns.

“London is my favorite place in the world,” Paul said. “I want to go back soon.”

He was chosen for this opportunity because of his work ethic and skill, which he credits to the School of Media & Strategic Communications. Paul’s love for writing, creative thinking and leadership skills led him toward choosing an SMSC degree.

“People know graduates from Oklahoma State journalism are some of the best,” Paul said.

During his time at OSU, Paul held many leadership positions within the SMSC. He served as Student Ambassador president, Public Relations Student Society of America vice president and Arts and Sciences Student Council vice president.

“I spent many long nights in the Paul Miller Media Lab working on projects with lifelong friends,” Paul said. “Even though we were up late, we were all working toward the same goals. I miss those moments the most.”

In addition to his SMSC involvement, Paul was an entertainment writer for The O’Colly. He said his job as paid media director reminds him of his O’Colly experience and entertainment interests as he works for companies such as 7-Eleven and Main Event.

Paul advises seniors to start early when preparing for jobs. Whether it involves professors looking over their portfolios or networking, it could set the students ahead of their competition. He said it is OK to not be 100 percent sure about the specific job they want; it is more important to focus on the experience they will gain. To sophomores and juniors, Paul suggests learning from their professors’ real-world experiences and taking projects seriously, as it could get their foot in the door at a job.

Aside from his career, Paul enjoys speaking at high schools across Texas encouraging students to stay focused in school and to keep working hard.