Name: Jaelyn Krafsky

Degree: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2018            



College is the time you learn how to be an adult before you’re forced to be; take advantage of that.


Originally, Jaelyn Krafsky‘s academic plan was geared toward business and marketing.

She came to OSU from Washington to attend the Spears School of Business. It wasn’t until a meeting with an academic adviser that she was turned in the direction of the School of Media and Strategic Communications.

Since being a part of SMSC, Jaelyn has learned many skills that will benefit her not only in her future career but also in life. Her most important skill learned so far is how to become a better writer. Jaelyn says that as a writer, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to say if you don’t know how to say it correctly or how to get a clear message across.

While at OSU, Jaelyn, who loves to compete, found a way to balance academics and her career as a competitive cheerleader. Her best memory leaving OSU will be winning the cheer competition STUNT two years in a row.

“It was a good way for me to close that athletic chapter in my life,” Jaelyn said. “It’s now time to get out and focus on things that are more substantial and beneficial to my career.”

Jaelyn is a people person who loves to help others. Her dream job would be something that gives her the opportunity to combine everything she has learned as a strategic communications major with her passion for others. Ideally, she would like to find a job working with veterans. She wants to show her appreciation for their service by serving them.

When it comes to SMSC, she says to give it a try.  “If you don’t know what you want to do coming into college, that is perfectly okay because a lot of people don’t,” Jaelyn said. “I encourage people to give SMSC a try, even if you feel like it’s not a good fit for you.”

She says the fundamentals learned here in SMSC are key to any career and will give a solid foundation to build a future.

Jaelyn’s advice to freshmen would be to get uncomfortable and do something unexpected. She encourages all graduating high school seniors to get away from home and make a new one, much like she did in Stillwater. Jaelyn’s message to current students is to get involved in something. She believes college is the place where students are free to make mistakes and figure out the things that work best for them.