Name: Christopher (Topher) Sunday

Degree: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Topher Sunday considers projects he has done in class to be a lifelong tool to use as a backup plan if his career does not work out.

Topher came to OSU with a plan in mind, but when that did not work out, he found the SMSC was a perfect opportunity for him.

While Topher was originally a graphic design major, he eventually decided that was not for him. He felt advertising was more his speed, but since OSU does not have an advertising degree anymore, he picked the department that most closely represented what he wanted to study.

Topher said that while he did not have an internship while he was a student, he does regret not taking the opportunity. He said he was able to learn life-long tools that he can use for his career while doing projects for class.

“When I took Electronic Communications with Craig Freeman, he made us all make websites for ourselves as a digital portfolio,” Topher said. “This allowed me to learn about how to make these “cookie-cutter” websites not just for myself but for others.”

After college, Topher plans to move back to Tulsa and try to get his foot in the door at either an advertising agency or get a job selling ads until he can get his feet on the ground.

“My dream job is to become an account manager for an agency to find and develop relationships with multiple clients and help them reach their goals,” Topher said.

Topher said his favorite memories in SMSC all revolve around meeting and interacting with like-minded students and professors who share the same passion he does.

“I like trying to see the world through their eyes and hearing about other’s perspectives help me broaden my own,” Topher said.

Topher left one small piece of advice for freshman.

“You’re not in high school anymore the sooner you act like it, the more successful you will be,” Topher said.

Topher praised the SMSC for indirectly teaching him that there is no one person without creativity or talent. He said just because someone cannot sing does not mean they cannot draw a portrait flawlessly, or someone who cannot draw may be able to think of the most efficient way to get a message across to that one person they just cannot get through to.

“Everyone has a light they can shine even if it isn’t what they want,” Topher said. “When someone tells me they aren’t creative or that they aren’t artistic, I tell them they just don’t know what it is they are awesome at.”

Topher came to the SMSC when he was a fourth year junior. He said he was a hop, skip and a jump away from dropping out and giving up.

 “All the students I met all impressed me in ways I don’t think they can even realize,” Topher said.