Name: Cash Vanbuskirk

Degree: Multimedia Journalism

Expected Graduation Year: May 2018

Thanks to the School of Media and Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University, Cash Vanbuskirk feels he is fully prepared to start his career in reporting.

Cash currently has an internship at News on 6 in Tulsa, where he is able to get hands-on experience. On any given day, Cash could be shadowing reporters in studio or in the field or in front of the camera as the reporter. Though a majority of the work at his internship revolves around broadcasting, Cash uses his writing skills just as frequently. He has learned through his internship that a reporter’s job is to write his or her own script. Cash feels that among the interns, he is the most equipped to write a script or other print material needed.

“I feel like I have a step above the other interns because OSU is so print heavy,” Cash said. “I learned how to construct a well written story, which is something reporters have to know how to do.”

Cash initially wanted to be an architect, but decided a major involving math was not something he wanted to continue. For some students, changing majors can be scary, however, Cash sees it in a different light.

“Try different options,” Cash said. “Get informed about the different paths you can take with your major because there are more options than you think.”

When figuring out what major he wanted to pursue, multimedia journalism stuck out because of the detail required. Cash has always considered himself a curious person and asking questions is a key part of being a reporter. Cash saw his quality of being curious as an asset and found a career that he could excel in by using that quality.

After Cash graduates in May 2018, he anticipates starting his career in a small city as a reporter. After a few years in that position, Cash hopes he can move to Los Angeles or New York to become an anchor.