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Oklahoma links
Oklahoma State Election Board
Site includes information about candidate filings, voting and voter registrations, and electoral calendar.
Candidate Filings
Click on Candidate Filings and then Candidates for Federal, State, Judicial and Legislative Offices. Click on desired race.
Ethics Commission
Site includes the campaign finance database and last-minute contributions.
State Government
Links to state government sites from YourOklahoma.com.
Oklahoma Congressional Delegation
Links to Oklahoma's U.S congressional delegation from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
Oklahoma Political Links
Exentensive state political information, including links to candidates' campaign Web sites, from Politics1.
Sooner Search
Search 75 Oklahoma Government sites and click on links to them.
Governor's Office
Site includes executive orders, budgets, Cabinet officers, State of the State addresses and a biography.
Oklahoma Legislature
Site includes both branches.
House of Representatives
Site includes text of bills, member information, and session highlights.
Site includes text of bills, member information, and session highlights.
Democratic Party
State site includes party positions, officials and news releases.
Republican Party
State site includes a calendar of event and weekly update.
Libertarian Party
State site includes issue positions, calendar of events, and state officers.
Reform Party
Official state site of the Reform Party.
Green Party
State site includes essays and articles, action alerts, and latest newsletters.
League of Women Voters
State site includes voter information, voters' guide, and election dates.
Oklahoma Constitution
Search or browse the state statutes Oklahoma Constitution.
State Statutes
Search or browse the state statutes.

National Links

Democratic National Committee
Democratic Party's main site, including links to other party sites.
U.S. House Democratic Leadership
Information about Democratic House members and party positions.
Senate Democratic Leadership Committees
Information about Senate Democrats including bulletins, links to home pages, and legislative research.
Republican National Committee
Republican Party's main site, including links to other party sites.
U.S. House Republican Conference
Information about House Republicans and party positions.
Senate Republican Policy Committee
Information about Senate Republicans and party positions.
Libertarian Party
National site of the Libertarian Party including policy positions, directories and lists, and history.
Reform Party
National site of the Reform Party including platform, issue statements and constitution.
Green Parties of North America
North American site of the Green Parties including platform, candidates and local parties.
Advocacy Groups
Advocacy groups on the Web by category from California State University at Chico.
American Civil Liberties Union
ACLU site includes policy positions, litigation and legislation.
Christian Coalition
Site includes policy positions, news releases, and congressional contacts.
NAACP site includes report cards, programs and positions.
League of Women Voters
National site includes legislative priorities, National Voter magazine and archive.
National Organization for Women
NOW site includes issue positions, news releases, history and action centers.
Think Tanks
List of think tanks from the University of Michigan.
Think Tanks of Countries
Links to think tanks by country from the National Institute for Research Advancement.

Comprehensive political news and information.
Inside Politics
CNN's daily dose of political coverage.
Site includes latest video of stories, audio of congressional hearings, programming guide, a political archive and more.
Washington Post's Politics Page
Coverage of politics from the nation's capital.
Yahoo's Political Headlines
Headlines from today's political stories and links to wires and newspapers covering them.

General Reference
New York Times Links
Extensive links to political sites from the New York Times.
Congressional section of LexisNexis
Click on Congressional and get links to access all types of legislative information, including tracking bills and testimoy via LexisNexis at OSU.
Find information about congressional legislation, including searching for bills, roll coll votes, laws and the Congressional Record.
Links to government databases, reports, and information, as well as links to government sites.
Campaign Finance Law
Extensive links to campaign finance laws and ruling from the Stanford Law School.
Contains basic information about federal, elected officials, interest group ratings, voting records and more.
State and Local Governments on the Net
Site includes links to state and local Web sites by state.
Library of Congress
Information from the library, including historical and legislative.
Detailed nformation about legislators, bills, and scorecards from advocacy groups.
GPO Access to Public Records
Links to a wide variety of public records of the U.S. government, including the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Budget, presidential paper, legislative bills and laws, etc., from the U.S. Government Printing Office.
Search U.S. government or state and local Web sites.
U.S. Constitution
Search the U.S. Constitution or get pdf versions of it and other important documents from the U.S. Government Printing Office.
Searchable U.S. Constitution
Emory University's searchable U.S. Constitution.
How a Bill Becomes a Law and More
U.S. House's educational resources includes how bills become laws, U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, Amendments, including those that did not pass, and links to historical documents from the Library of Congress.
Links to the House and Senate calendars, Hot Bills this week, status of current bills, text of current legislation.

Government Agencies
The White House
Site includes, presidential documents, transcripts of news conferences and statistical briefs.
U.S. House of Representatives
Site includes innformation about members, legislation, voting, and agendas.
U.S. Senate
Site includes information about members, legislation, voting, and agendas.
Federal Election Commssion
Site includes federal campaign contribution data, electronic filings, reports of candidates, parties and PACs, guide to contributions and the law, and media releases.
State and Local Governments on the Net
Site includes links to state and local Web sites by state.

Campaign Finance
Federal Election Commission
Information about candidates and campaign contributions.
Contribution information about presidential and congressional elections.
Search campaign finance data from a nonprofit group.
American University Campaign Finance Page
Includes downloadable data from federal campaigns from American University.
Campaign Finance Clearinghouse
Includes a database of current campaign finance research from George Washington University.
Comtains many easily useable databases, including donors, PACS and parties, and contributions by ZIP CODE from Kent Cooper and Tony Raymond.
Contains basic information about federal, elected officials, interest group ratings, voting records and more.
Campaign Finance Center
IRE's center for investigating campaign finance.
Campaign Finance Law
Extensive links to campaign finance laws and ruling from the Stanford Law School.

Guide to Public Opinion Poll Web Sites
Guide to public opinion poll Web sites worldwide from Gary Thompson and Sean Conley of the Association of College and Research Libraries.
Poll Results via LexisNexis
Click on Reference and then Polls & Surveys to search the result of polls via LexisNexis at OSU.
Public Opinion Links
Scroll down to Public Opinion to get national and state polling links via the New York Times.
Gallup Poll
Poll results from politics and other issues from Gallop at Princeton University.
Roper Poll
Poll results, including the General Social Survey, from Roper at the University of Connecticut.
Survey Research Links
Roper links to survey research organizations and academic centers.
Pew Research Center for People and the Press
Site contains information about how to interpret polls, recent survey results, and a library of older surveys.
Princeton Survey Research Center
Information about survey research and data, including links to Web resources.
National Opinion Research Center
The University of Chicago's center for public opinion research, including studies.
Extensive List of Survey Research Sites
Comprehensive list of online survey research and public opinion sites from the University of Kansas.
Political Sciences Resources
University of Michigan library of public opinion on various legislative issues.

Oklahoma Web Resources

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