School of Media & Strategic Communications

College Magazine Staff Writer Opportunity

We're seeking writers who are passionate about the college experience.  As a staff writer for College Magazine, you will capture student life through weekly creative articles.  You'll begin with a training program to tackle active voice, show vs. tell, interviewing sources and more.  Working closely with our editors, you'll transform your writing and ultimately uncover your voice.  You'll also learn social media, branding and SEO tactics necessary for the real world of journalism.  The opportunity is 10 hours a wek.  It's a volunteer, intensive, and challenging writing experience.  Our graduates have gone on to careers at Mashable, Industry Dive, NBC, Seventeen Magazine, Redbook, National Geographic, Rachel Ray Magazine and Washingtonian.

To Apply:  Please send your resume and a writing sample to

Deadline:  January 27, 2017 by 6 p.m. EST.

2017 Lisa John Faculty Fellowship

$3,000 Lisa John Faculty Fellowship

The OAB Education Foundation Faculty Fellowship program provides an opportunity for faculty members at Oklahoma's broadcast schools to update their skills and develop closer relationships with radio and television broadcasters.

Eligibility:  Any member of the broadcast faculty of an Oklahoma college or university is eligible to apply.

Fellowship Period: The Fellowship lasts four weeks.  It must be served during the summer months of 2017 and scheduled at a time mutually acceptable to participant and station.  A week is 40 hours.

Location:  OAB will attempt to provide a radio or television faciity within a close proximity to faculty participant.  Applicants should indicate radio or television preference and specify the area in which they would like to work.  Applicants should not contact stations regarding serving a fellowship at their facility.  

Fellowship Program:  Participant is required to meet with officials of the broadcast facility and develop a four-week program, including a detailed work schedule.  This work program must be submitted to the OAB office for approval at least two weeks prior to the start of the fellowship.  Any variances from the approved program must be submitted to OABEF for approval.

Grant Payment:  $1,200 upon completion of 1st two weeks, $1,200 upon completion of 2nd two weeks, and $600 upon submission of a written report within 45 days of completing the program.

Letter of Agreement:  An agreement must be signed by participant, station and OABEF seven days prior to commencement of the program. A copy of the Fellowship work program should be attached to the Letter of Agreemewnt.  Failure to comply with this section and development of the work program within specified time periods will automatically disqualify the participant.

Forfeiture:  If participant fails to complete program or does not submit a written paper within specified time, any monies due will be forfeited.

Application:  To fill out an application, click here:  Applications must be submitted to the OAB office by February 10th, 2017.  Applications will be judged by a panel of Oklahoma broadcasters.  The recipient will be notified on February 17th, 2017.



2017 Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation Scholarship Awards

The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation will award six $2,000 scholarhsips to deserving students for use during the Fall 2017 and/or Spring 2018 semesters.

The scholarships are listed below:
$2,000 Harold C. & Frances L. Stuart Scholarship
$2,000 Mark Rawlings Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 Sadie Adwon Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 Bill Teegins Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 Stan Forrer Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 arl C. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Applicant Qualifications:
1.  Must be majoring in broadcasting at an Oklahoma college or university that offers a broadcasting-related degree.
2.  Must be a junior or senior during the above time period.
3.  Must be maintaining a minimum "B" grade average in all courses.
4.  Must carry at least 12 hours during the applicable semester(s).
5.  Must be planning to enter the broadcast industry upon graduation.

Applicant Requirements:
An OAB Education Foundation Application Form must be completed in full and received in the OAB office no later than February 10, 2017.  Application must be accompanied by a letter from the student's broadcast instructor or department head endorsing their application and attesting to the minimum grade average and other information contained in the application.

Selection will be based on academic achievement, broadcast industry-related experience, extracurricular activities, financial need, and career goals.  Recipients will be notified by e-mail and postal mail on February 17, 2017, and will be recognized at the annual OABEF Student Luncheon on Thursday, March 30, at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City,

Application Process:
To obtain a copy of the application, click on Complete and return the application form.  Separate sheets containing your numbered responses should be attached.