School of Media & Strategic Communications


The OSU Chapter of AWSM, is now two-time collegiate chapter of the year.  Thank you to Addison Skaggs fror your great leadership.

Awards Presented to SMSC/OState TV


TV Category
Personality Talent Reel (we swept)
1st place:  Amelia Henderson
2nd place:  Ali Brooks
3rd place:  Julia Benbrook

Sports Story (we swept)
1st place:  Amelia Henderson "Derek Zike Feature"
2nd place:  Julia Benbrook "Remember the 4"
3rd place:  Brian Shrull "Rules Misinterpretation"

Sports Magazine/Talk Program
1st place:  "The Poke Report," aired 10/22/2016 (Mikayla Barker and Nicholas Skidmore produced)

News Feature Story
2nd place:  Julia Benbrook "Homecoming Pomping"

Hard News Story
2nd place:  Madison Reichert "Social Media Election"

3rd place:  Alli Hill "Cost of Learning"

Radio Category
Sports Magazine/Talk Program (we swept)
1st place:  TylerSeggerman "Orange Nation Sports", aired 9/30/16
2nd place:  Connor Harbit "Orange Nation Sports", aired 10/6/16
3rd place: Bryce Marshall "Orange Nation Sports" aired 10/20/16

National Broadcast Society NBS-AERho National Student Competition, awarded March, 2017

Video Newscast (prerecorded):
1st place:  OStateReport

Video Sports Program:
Tie for 1st place:  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen and Caleb Surly produced)

Video Sports Package:
1st place:  Kurtis Quillen "Baseball Walkout Losses"

Sports Segment:
Tie for 1st place:  Doug Thompson "Father and Son Duo on the Wrestling Mat"
Tie for 1st place:  Amelia Henderson "American Recruited to Play Aussie Rules Football"

Video Program Opener:
1st place:  Courtney Bay "Wrestling Show Opener"

Broadcast Education Association.  Awards to be given in Las Vegas April 23-24, 2017

Television News Anchor:  
1st place:  Ali Brooks

Television Sports Story/Feature:
1st place:  Brian Shrull "Rules Misinterpretation Changes"

TV Sports News Program:
2nd place:  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen and Caleb Surly produced)

Television Sports Talent (anchor/host):
3rd place (tie): Amelia Henderson

TV Newscast (3 days a week or less):
3rd place:  OStateReport: (Gerald Tracy and Annice McEwan anchored)

Television News Magazine:
Award of Excellence:  Julia Benbrook & Alli Hill "Rhw Xoar od Learning"

TV Sports News Program:

Award of Excellence:  The Poke Repor, aired 10/22/16 (Mikayla Barker and Nicholas Skidmore produced)
Award of Excellence:  Countdown to Tipoff (Annice McEwan, Baillie Burmaster and Kurtis Quillin hosts)


OSU NSAC Team Wins at District Competition

On Thursday evening (4/6/17), the Oklahoma State University NSAC Team won first place at districts, for the second time in 20 years.  Next in store for the NSAC Team is regionals in May via skype.  A victory at regionals entitles the team to compete at New Orleans at nationals in June.  

We are all very proud of all the hard work you have put in and wish you the very best of luck as you continue this journey!