School of Media & Strategic Communications


The OSU Chapter of AWSM, is now two-time collegiate chapter of the year.  Thank you to Addison Skaggs fror your great leadership.

Awards Presented to SMSC/OState TV


TV Category
Personality Talent Reel (we swept)
1st place:  Amelia Henderson
2nd place:  Ali Brooks
3rd place:  Julia Benbrook

Sports Story (we swept)
1st place:  Amelia Henderson "Derek Zike Feature"
2nd place:  Julia Benbrook "Remember the 4"
3rd place:  Brian Shrull "Rules Misinterpretation"

Sports Magazine/Talk Program
1st place:  "The Poke Report," aired 10/22/2016 (Mikayla Barker and Nicholas Skidmore produced)

News Feature Story
2nd place:  Julia Benbrook "Homecoming Pomping"

Hard News Story
2nd place:  Madison Reichert "Social Media Election"

3rd place:  Alli Hill "Cost of Learning"

Radio Category
Sports Magazine/Talk Program (we swept)
1st place:  TylerSeggerman "Orange Nation Sports", aired 9/30/16
2nd place:  Connor Harbit "Orange Nation Sports", aired 10/6/16
3rd place: Bryce Marshall "Orange Nation Sports" aired 10/20/16

National Broadcast Society NBS-AERho National Student Competition, awarded March, 2017

Video Newscast (prerecorded):
1st place:  OStateReport

Video Sports Program:
Tie for 1st place:  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen and Caleb Surly produced)

Video Sports Package:
1st place:  Kurtis Quillen "Baseball Walkout Losses"

Sports Segment:
Tie for 1st place:  Doug Thompson "Father and Son Duo on the Wrestling Mat"
Tie for 1st place:  Amelia Henderson "American Recruited to Play Aussie Rules Football"

Video Program Opener:
1st place:  Courtney Bay "Wrestling Show Opener"

Broadcast Education Association.  Awards to be given in Las Vegas April 23-24, 2017

Television News Anchor:  
1st place:  Ali Brooks

Television Sports Story/Feature:
1st place:  Brian Shrull "Rules Misinterpretation Changes"

TV Sports News Program:
2nd place:  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen and Caleb Surly produced)

Television Sports Talent (anchor/host):
3rd place (tie): Amelia Henderson

TV Newscast (3 days a week or less):
3rd place:  OStateReport: (Gerald Tracy and Annice McEwan anchored)

Television News Magazine:
Award of Excellence:  Julia Benbrook & Alli Hill "Rhw Xoar od Learning"

TV Sports News Program:

Award of Excellence:  The Poke Repor, aired 10/22/16 (Mikayla Barker and Nicholas Skidmore produced)
Award of Excellence:  Countdown to Tipoff (Annice McEwan, Baillie Burmaster and Kurtis Quillin hosts)