School of Media & Strategic Communications

Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Requirements:

To comply with the assessment requirements of Oklahoma State University and the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the School of Media & Strategic Communications requires all undergraduate students majoring in the School to develop and maintain a digital portfolio exhibiting specific and appropriate assignments or projects from SMSC classes and internships.

It is the responsibility of the students to assemble and update their portfolios during each semester’s coursework. Professors will specify via course syllabi which class projects/assignments should be included in student portfolios. Professors will require proof of updated portfolios at the end of the semester. Students doing internships must update their portfolio with samples of their internship work.

Capstone professors will review each senior’s portfolio during the student’s capstone course, making sure each student has an updated that includes appropriate classwork and internship samples. Failure to send a portfolio link to the capstone professor at the end of the semester will result in an incomplete grade until the portfolio link is submitted and the portfolio is verified as complete. Students can ask professors, capstone professors and industry professionals to evaluate these portfolios periodically and offer guidance and constructive criticism.

Students will begin creating their portfolios in Electronic Communications. Each student will create a website in WordPress ( However, students also have the option of using or during the spring 2013 semester. Students will update their website each semester with appropriate classwork and extracurricular work until graduation.

It is expected that the digital portfolios will be helpful in showcasing students’ talent, competencies and performance when they apply for internships or jobs.

Portfolios must include:

1. Current resume in PDF format

2. At least five of the following: class projects / assignments, work created for campus organizations, freelance or extracurricular work and internship work samples.