School of Media & Strategic Communications

Results from NBS-AERho National Student Competition

Top Video Newscast (pre-recorded):  O-State Report (Kurtis Quillen, Madison Reichart)
Top Video Sports Package:  Baseball Walkout Losses (Kurtis Quillen)
Top Sports Segment (tie):  Father and Son Duo on the Wrestling Mat (Doug Thompson) and American Recruited to Play Aussie Rules Football (Amelia Henderson)
Top Sports Program (tie):  The Poke Report Bracketology Special (Kurtis Quillen, Caleb Surly)  (tied with another school)
Top Video Program Opener :  Wrestling Show Opener (Courtney Bay)

Congratulations to all these wonderful students, past and present.  Congratulations also goes to the professors who did such a fantastic job in preparing the students for this competition.

Congratulations to Mika Ryan

Congratulations to OSU Sports Media and SMSC 4+1 grad student Mika Ryan on receiving the NCAA ethnic minority and women's enhancement grad scholarship.  

Joey Senat's Articles Quoted by CA Supreme Court and Columbia Journalism Review

The California Supreme Court quoted from Joey Senat's article COMM. LAW & POLICY article -- "Whose Business Is It?" -- in its ruling Thursday that when government officials conduct public business on private email, those emails are public record.  In other words, it's the public's business.  

He was also quoted in Columbia Journalism Review last week in an article about Atlanta's mayor releasing nearly 1.5 million paper documents as an act of transparency.

In addition, he, along with John McGuire and Stan Ketterer (also from SMSC) are presenting a paper at Midwinter in Norman today that received Top Paper Abstract in its division.