School of Media & Strategic Communications

BEA Festival of Media Arts Award Winners

I would like to congratulate the following students for earning awards at BEA's Festival of Media Arts:

Student Documentary Competition:
Award of Excellence:  Josh Wagner, James LeBlanc, Jacobi Campbell and Jacob Hudson, Oklahoma State University, The Original 12

Television Sports Story/Feature:
2nd Place:  Addison Skaggs, Oklahoma State University; Mother and athlete

TV Sports News Program:
1st Place:  Matt McGann, Max Gross, Lucas Messina & Tyler Seggerman, Oklahoma State University; The Poke Report 4/18/2017

3rd Place:  Jake Mankin, Addison Skaggs, Anna Layton & Emma Stamps, Oklahoma State University; The Poke Report 10/27/2017

Congratulations to the students and faculty on all the hard work they put in on their projects!!!!! 

SMSC Has a Senior of Significance

Congratulations to Ashleigh Rauner, a senior from Tulsa, who is majoring in SC.  She was just named a Senior of Significance representing the College of Arts and Sciences!!

AdClub Officers for 2017-18

Here is the list of OSU AdClub officers for the 2017-18 academic year:

President:  Lucky Coffey
Treasurer:  Franco Buhay
Secretary:  Lauren Chamberlain
Vice President:  Tatum Wallace
Promotions Chair:  Trent Daniels
Social Media Chair:  Katherine Valentine
Projects Chair:  Chloe Coffey
Fundraising Chair:  Scout Deere

OSU AdClub Officers 2017