School of Media & Strategic Communications

Beyond The Classroom

The SMSC faculty know you can't learn everything in a classroom, so the school has developed several courses and learning opportunities to give students practical experience away from the school desk.

Media House Living and Learning Community: The Media House is located on the third floor of Village Hall C. Freshman students will take classes together during their first year, and all classifications of students will live together in the community. SMSC faculty teach classes in the building and are involved with the students both in and out of the classroom. To learn more about the Media House Living & Learning Community or to apply, visit the Residential Life website.

Live Field Production: MMJ 4960 Live Field Production
American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition: SC 4980
Cowboy Networking Expo: SC 4980
SMSC Ambassadors: SC 4980
ROSCO Flypack Unit Team: SC 4980
University Advertising and STATEments: SC 4980
Study Advertising Abroad in London: SC 4980