School of Media & Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications Degree Program

Why Strategic Communications?

The Strategic Communications major blends advertising, public relations and marketing to create an integrated curriculum. The first courses you will take are foundation courses that teach you how to write and speak clearly, concisely, and persuasively. After building a foundation, you get extensive hands-on experience in courses that teach you to design and create advertisements, publicity materials, and entire marketing communications plans. Capstone courses test the skills you have learned by creating campaigns for real businesses. As one of the few undergraduate programs that combine creative disciplines and business courses, Oklahoma State University gives students a competitive edge with a set of skills to meet the demands of the real world. When you receive a degree in Strategic Communications, you will have a wide choice of career opportunities.

Sample Strategic Communications Courses

  • SC 3353 Persuasive Writing for Strategic Communicators. An examination of the language of persuasive communication, how persuasion works and the techniques of persuasive message strategy. Application of persuasive writing for traditional media and emerging digital media.
  • SC 3443 Social Media. The practice and application of social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites to public relations practice.
  • SC 4623 Advertising Campaigns. Planning, preparation and presentation of comprehensive advertising and marketing campaigns for national or local clients. Student teams produce all aspects of the campaign, from conception to presentation.

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