Name: Maggie Sylke
Degree: Strategic Communication
Year of graduation: 2012
Company: COOP Ale Works



Name: Gerald Tracy
Degree: Sports Media, Broadcast Journalism
Year of graduation2016
Company: 107.7 The Franchise


Name: Emma Kelley
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
Year of graduation: 2012
Company:  Oklahoma State Athletics


Name: Brooke Feachen
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting
Year of graduation: 2010
Company: Archer Malmo



Name: Alicia Lewis

Degree: Strategic Communication 
Year of graduation: 2013
Company: Pandora

Name: Kelli Grashel
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Media and Strategic Communications
Year of graduation:  2014
Company: University of Wisconsin



Name: Nick Woodruff
Degree: Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications
Year of graduation: 2012 and 2015
Company: University of California Berkeley School of Law


Name: Amber (Ramon) King
Degree: Broadcast Journalism
Year of graduation: 2004
Company: Lake Travis Independent School District